Over the lockdown period we have numerous different situations for different labels up and down the country. Some have undoubtedly struggled to maintain momentum and with the lack of live performance, been unable to gain the promotional material needed to really push a dance music release to the next level. However. it’s been quite the opposite story for some labels, who have taken the situation and turned it into a blazing positive, which is exactly what the imprint we are featuring today have been getting up to. Enter: The Wub Club, Forca’s fantastic label project which has had one of the most impressive years across the whole UK in our humble opinion.

The ethos of the label is to release high quality, club ready music, that is also perfectly suitable for home listening, which is exactly what we have stumbled across in different forms with this weighty new drop from Burt Cope, which not only offers up a killer original creation, but also lets loose on some super potent remix additions to match. We have to take our hats off the release curation over at The Wub Club, with every release remaining as interesting and sonically diverse as is possible within a moderately limited range of sounds.

Cope’s original mix of ‘Broken’ is a dancefloor wizbang, combining lethal synthesis and high energy drum slaps to really kick start any party with some original niche-inspired flavour. This project really heats up when we then dive into the remixes however as Yemi firstly arrives with a summer-fuelled UKG refix, chopping the vocals further with pitch alteration and and a shimmering, chord-driven backdrop, all before Deadbeat UK arrives with a typically raucous bassline refit, letting loose a system-busting display of LFO action atop super punchy drumlines and high energy rhythmic displays. Finally, Mr Dubz has his say with grizzly rollers refix, upping the tempo with some precise D&B flavour to see the project out on style.

The Wub Club team have struck gold again it would seem. You can check out the full release via our friends at JunoDownload on the link below: 

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