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The Widdler returns with a killer link up on Crucial

Posted 25/3/20 in

It’s no secret that we at threethousand.co.uk have been absolutely loving the recent re-expansion of the worldwide dubstep scene. Watching so many new labels and artists start to gain momentum and start to build up their rosters and catalogues with fantastic new additions has brought us so much joy, with dubstep having played a crucial role in the expansion of UK underground music in particular into the mainstream charts. Today we are diving down a much deeper route however as we take a peek at the latest offering from Crucial Records, a label who don’t seem to be able to miss at the moment.

We have been close attention to their recent run of releases and to be honest, it’s very difficult to find anything to criticize, with the last year boasting releases from heavyweight producers such as Glume, Phossa, 3WA, Sleeper and more. As well as this, their in-house podcast series has become one of the most exciting mix platforms to find new dubstep music. Their latest release is what is wetting our appetite today however, as they welcome the legendary production stylings of The Widdler, one of the most popular US-based dubstep producers to ever grace the scene.

His uniquely swampy approach to 140 music has always set him apart from other producers, which is why this link up immediately filled us with excitement, primarily to see what kind of approach he would take. The EP consists of three scorching new heaters, showcasing the Widdler’s signature sound to a T, kicking off with the monstrous LFO explosions and creeping percussive lines of the title track ‘Venting’, which are glued together through simple yet incredibly high impact flute patterns, kicking us off with a bang.

Following this we then dive into ‘Out There’, another aquatic roller, this time taking a more syncopated approach with it’s constantly shifting bass instrumentation, focusing more on the use of eerie spacey reverberations and unexpected switch ups throughout. Finally, we take a shallow dive into ‘Magnetic’, on which Smilodon joins the party with some additional production work. This one is just simply sublime, packed with broken drum selections and progressive pad textures, all holding the clunky rhythms, unusual melodic twists and potent sub bass designs below in place. If you are looking for a way to wonk out the dance completely, then look no further!

We have attached the full release preview below, which becomes available for full purchase this Friday! 

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Words: KXVU

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