Although we make an effort to cover as many different areas of underground electronic music as possible, its sad but true to say that we often miss out a tad of what has been going on across the world with dubstep over the last 18 months. As a musician who grew up during the original hayday of dubstep’s popularity, it’s always a beautiful thing to see more and more people not only embracing the sound again, but also pushing it to the next level in terms of it’s production quality and creativity. We are without a doubt in the middle of dubstep’s second renaissance period, with so many newer labels churning out incredibly high levels of quality within their recordings.

Today we are going to be taking a look at one of the more established label platforms in Sentry Records, an imprint with an incredibly impressive steppers catalogue, working with the majority of dubstep’s heavy hitters over the last couple of years. For this brand new release we have seen them make the trip across the Atlantic to welcome back one of North America’s original dubstep champions in The Widdler. Back in the day, The Widdler was a producer who possessed such an original sound, notorious for his swampy-sound synthesizer designs and incredibly organic drum processing. To see both of these names link up for a release in 2021 therefore filled us with nothing but joy!

Made up of four corking original creations, this is a release that shows that true quality never leaves a producers fingertips, with the title track ‘Triton’ being a rave-ready stomper, dripping in alarm-like synthesis and crunchy drum processing to turn any dance into a certified mosh. From here, we move into two oldschool warblers, firstly the hard hitting LFO action of ‘Listen To The Sound’, followed by the more dungeon-ready, aquatic bass warblings of ‘Remember When’. Finally, the high energy bass jigs and lively rhythmic displays of ‘Lifeless’ puts a classy touch on the EP’s finale, re-announcing Widdler with an absolute bang.

You can check out the full link to the release via our friends at JunoDownload below: 

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