With the summer season coming into full swing, the BBQs emerging, the day parties lengthening and the general party atmosphere of the UK slowly but surely returning, the one thing we have continued to notice across the board is that within garage music, vocals are well and truly back. There is something that remains so incredibly catchy about a rapped vocal over garage style rhythms, be it on the more relaxed, almost introspective front, or be it a party-starting toast. Both have their merit and clearly, both sounds are starting to make new waves across the UK scene.

Today we have arranged a list of vocal originals that we feel have stood out over the past few weeks, exploring the full spectrum of vocal garage originals, from the glittery sunshine singalongs to more inward, though provoking verses, giving us a chance to explore the full spectrum and examine just why they always seem to sound to appealing.

FrankieAB – Jumping

Easily the newest name to grace today’s list, we are thrilled to be throwing an additional touch of spotlight onto the forward thinking sounds of FrankieAB, one of Brighton’s┬ámost exciting vocal talents that seems to be packing a serious amount of musical ammunition. His latest single Jumping is a perfect introduction to his sound, sonically pleasing garage flavours, smooth vocal expressions and a relatable feel that runs through the heart of the track. The future looks very bright for this young Brightonian word-smith.

Coco & Hans Glader – Music In The Sun

What a link up this one is, as the internationally influenced sounds of Hans Glader combine with the ever-ready Coco for a classic summer-fuelled thrill-ride. In recent months, Hans Glader has been conquering the garage scene from across the sea, with this fantastic vocal collaboration with Coco being the latest in a long line of top quality singles. However, the vibrant, melodic vocal approach of Coco on this one is what gives the tune it’s real energy as auto-tuned hooks and an expressive performance give us an electronic masterclass in new school garage flavour.

Smasher – Vibesin Riddim

For us, Smasher just might be the most consistent in the game when it comes to the overall package of production and vocal creation within garage music. His incredibly smooth fusion of original vocals and melodic UKG instrumental work has given him, in our eyes, the strongest garage project of the year with ‘Vibes In Motion’. This is the pick of the bunch for us on the album, taking the title ‘Vibesin Riddim’. It’s a typical exploration into the musical mind of Smasher, perfect for both the raves and the day-time link ups!

Dips & Lowu – Idle Hands

Now this exciting duo may be a little less well known to the electronic side of the garage fan-base, but we have absolutely no doubts that as soon as you get your ears around a new piece from Dips & Lowu, they will become instant playlist additions as this producer/MC combo continue to deliver nothing but top quality flavour. This latest original comes to us a part of their brand new mixtape project of the same name, which again we would highly recommend listening through in full. This track however is a perfect introduction to both Lowu’s colourful production style and Dips’ delicate yet precise vocal approach!

Danja x Hatter x Pavv – Till Summer

For the last addition to today’s listing, we welcome back the infamous sounds of Pavv on production, this time joined with fellow Brightonian Hatter & the instantaneously recognizable verses of Danja. The three combine in style on this summertime singalong ‘Till Summer’, showcasing the very best of the south’s party-influenced music scene, through a lively combination of skippy garage rhythms and toasted vocal techniques. If you haven’t heard of Hatter & Danja, then keep your ears peeled for more flavour landing in the very near future.

Were there any tracks that you feel we missed? Let us know on twitter – @3000blog