The Surgery unleash a seriously powerful new 4 tracker

As we continue our journey of exploration through the wildest and most far-flung reaches of electronic dance music, we are very excited to once again find ourselves observing the plains of drum & bass. Now, at The 3000 Network, our specialist subject has always been bass music of the highest order, however, there is no reason we shouldn’t expand what we review and showcase, especially with so many features and sounds of the two genres overlapping so regularly.

Today, we are taking a look at the latest offering from The Surgery, a three-part production team based in both Leeds & Manchester, whose raucous approach to sound design has gained them quite the reputation, in recent times especially.

The Surgery - Hell On Earth EP


The EP itself is a bit of a firecracker, featuring four extremely potent original creations, delving into the harsher side of the drum & bass spectrum and pulling up some really interesting themes throughout. We begin our dive with a look at the title track ‘Hell On Earth‘, a grizzly creation indeed, unleashing a lethal display of synthetic design and super punchy drum processing, culminating in a pretty mesmerising display of bass energy. This is then closely followed up by ‘Pull Up, Pop‘, this time utilising a more hardcore selection of drum sounds and alternating LFO designs to give us something we seriously can’t wait to hear unleashed on a full soundsystem.


The Surgery
The Surgery

The vibe then takes a noticeable turn as the 140 flows of ‘Six Feet Deep‘ come to the front of the EP, containing a bulbous selection of hard-hitting bass drones and a low pitched vocal samples that sends chills down the spine, to say the least, giving us one hell of a finale. The whole vibe of this EP is pretty impressive, utilising a variety of futuristic production techniques to keep the listener guessing at every turn.


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