Once again we find ourselves in the colourful realms of UK garage, a genre that over the last half decade has bobbed, weaved and maneuvered it’s way back to the top of the tree in regards to genre popularity in the UK, with the historic sound now selling out dances and festivals across the country with its numerous sub-genres and its seemingly endless vat of fans, producers and DJs. This has been such an exciting thing to watch from a fan’s perspective, especially when we take at one label in particular, who have striven to give us some of the most forward thinking creations within the extended genre bracket to date.

We are of course talking about Garage Shared, a marvellous project headed up by FooR and Bitr8 as we art of the extended Yosh family, with their aim to provide and incredible catalogue for DJs and garage fanatics across the country, featuring music from both established veterans and highly exciting newcomers along the way. For their latest drop, they have once again brought something extremely refreshing to the table as DJ Jackum, the new alias of Gru Var, touched down for a speed-garage inspired epic, as he continues to push his forward thinking sound to garage fans across the country.

The thing that we, and a lot of other people find so enjoyable about the Jackum sound, is that he just goes for it, not focussing on subtleties or IDM thought processes, he makes dance music that makes you want to move, which at the end of the day is most certainly the point. Taking the title ‘You Know’, he has put together another absolute firecracker here, lighting the blue touch paper of a highly intense collection of drum sounds, topped with colourful, winding melodic synthesiser runs and of course some tidy vocal chops as well. This is a weapon I think every DJ should be keeping a close eye on, especially with festival season about to kick into full swing!

You can check out the full release via our friends at JunoDownload below:

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