One thing we find ourselves discussing on a pretty regular basis when exploring the vast realms of electronic dance music here at The 3000 Network is the word consistency. As a concept, consistency comes in many forms, especially with labels, but when it comes to unveiling a high quality overload of vibrant new house and tech music, there are few that have been doing it better than the House Of Hustle project. They are back at it once again as they welcome The Schmidt & Eveningperple inside again for a spicy new single link up, this time taking the title ‘Like It Like That’.


As a sound as well, tech house is undoubtedly becoming a lot wider in its range of influences, with more and people finding themselves folding into the overarching genre, seeing new musical trends and themes become normalized, actually pushing the sound into a bit more raucous realm overall. This latest link up from The Schmidt & Eveningperple is a good example of that explosive dance floor energy coming into action, without he original feelings of the sound getting lost among a heavily populated soundscape. 

The Schmidt
The Schmidt

Overall, this new single definitely represents a futuristic take on tech house as a whole, as sweeping drum arrangements and a sizzling set of bassline manoeuvres drive the composition forward, unleashing a refreshing sense of energy to the dance floor through the tracks powerful percussive processing and bouncy arrangement. On a production level, being able to pack so many different elements into the 4×4 rhythm without it sounding over-crowded is pretty masterful.

If the House Of Hustle team can keep up the energy and pure power with the releases across the rest of the year, they could well be on track to deliver their strongest 12 months yet, which from a fans perspective at least, is no mean feat!

You can check out our exclusive premiere of this one via the official 3000 Blog SoundCloud link below:


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