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The Real AlCapone lands on YosH for another wavy hit

Posted 26/6/20 in

YosH keep continuing to impress with their ever-growing roster of established and up and coming producers, and with recent releases from the likes of Albzzy, Zeppho and Kirbs, it feels like the label are really showing us who the new faces of UK bass music are and what they’re capable of. Brighton’s, The Real AlCapone (real name Alex Cove), is next up making a real statement with his single, ‘Keep Me Moving’, as his first official release of the year.

Upon a first listen his track leaves you with the quintessential screw face feeling associated with bass music that we all love. The dark and heavy combination of bass sounds creates powerful drop and when combined with the stripped back bass house styled drums, really gives the piece a sense of purpose and drive; The Real AlCapone is not messing about with this track.

The clean vocal that sets us up for the drop could be placed in any tech or house track, however, when paired with this low frequency growling bass it provides an exciting and powerful contrast that ties the different sections together nicely and keeps the groove going throughout the various sections of the piece.

Everything to do with this track feels as if it was done with purpose, from each individual drum hit to the selection of bass sounds, TRA has tackled the challenge of producing a bass-heavy track that retains a clean mix and come out the other side with a fantastic final product; ‘Keep Me Moving’ is one of my favourite tracks of the last few months.

‘Keep Me Moving’ presents us with a different vibe to a lot of YosH’s recent releases, with a style and tone that are much darker, leaving the track as a whole feeling much heavier. It’s an exciting change in style for the label but one I hope we get to hear again soon from both TRA and YosH.

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Words: Owen Sutton

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