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The Neryvice Remix Livestream – Tomorrow Night!

Posted 4/6/20 in

Following on from the announcement of this one last week, we have been absolutely thrilled with the number of remixes and reworks we have recieved for the upcoming Neryvice competition. Last week we announced that the stems for the project, which just so happens to be one of our favourite 3000 releases to date, were being made available to the world to bring together some exciting remixes. The remxies we enjoyed the most were to be selected to be included on a secondary official 3000 release project and the submissions have simply blown us away!

We have decided also that to showcase a number of different remixes and a wide range of musical themes, we shall be unveiling our second official facebook feedback stream with KXVU in the hot seat once again.

The last stream we put together saw nearly a thousand people join us to listen through a number of potential 3000 releases, with two track eventually being selected to be showcased on both 3000 Bass and 3000 Deep, the winners being selected by KXVU, who also supplied the stream with specific, industry-ready feedback to help improve the contenstants current and future productions.

So, here are the details you will need to know for this stream and where you will be able to watch it. The stream will be taking place this Friday from 7-8PM via Facebook Livestream, inside which you will be able to get involved by leaivng your thoughts about the tracks that have been submitted. The final deadline for remixes was last Sunday, so unfortunately we are unable to accept any additional submissions!

If you head over to the 3000 Bass Facebook Page and set notifcations to “On”, you will be able to be informed as to when we are going live. We look forward to seeing you all on Friday night!


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