Over the more recent years of bassline’s international and internal success, the scene has seen many new faces rise to the top of tree, ushering forth a much more bass-house influenced approach to the sound which has continuously gained momentum across the board. UK bass music as a whole now sits as one of the most popular patches in underground electronic dance music, but it’s safe to say, without the input of a group of the genres fore-runners, none of this success would have ever been possible. This isn’t discussed enough, and given that today we are taking a look at one of these original legends, it’s only right we give the credit where it is well and truly due.

A number of these original creators have managed make themselves a big part of the sound today, including the likes of DJQ, TS7, Jamie Duggan and more. Today we are going to be looking at a name who has been somewhat less active when it comes to actually releasing new music, but without a doubt one of the most popular and influential names the sound has seen from the very early days. We are of course talking about Mr Virgo, one of the true bassline pioneers and creator of the infamous ‘Hypnotiq’ original, which has gone on the be remixed into a modern classics by the likes of Skepsis, Pavv and many more.

Seeing this return will undoubtedly please at least the older generation, who if they are my age or older, will remember hearing Mr Virgo tracks drop left, right and centre, both as part of the incredibly popular Mix CD phenonemon and as stand alone vinyl releases.

This new single is definitely a good way to bring his sound into the now however as ‘Next To Me’ combines a bulbous display of system-rattling synth sounds, mashed together atop a bed of skippy 2-step inspired drum sounds and a very lively rhythmic approach. The thing we love so much about this one is the fact is perfectly tows the line between new school and old school bass music, making us believe that hopefully Mr Virgo is about to step back into major activity, but also that newer fans of the sound can witness a legend in action.

You can check out the full track via our friends over at JunoDownload via the link below:

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