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The four Hamdi chops you need in your life

Posted 14/11/19 in

Within grime and 140 music in general, let’s be honest, everybody loves a chop. Throughout the years we have seen the trend grow and explode across the breadth of 140BPM based music, with different producers trying their hand at the technique, which some get very right and others get very very wrong. The correctly placed refix of edit in the middle of a dance can completely change the energy of an evening, especially when layered into the mix and blend correctly.

One artist we know packs an absolutely lethal attribute for chops is Brighton and Oxford based mastermind: Hamdi. The young DJ has proved his versatility over the last three or four years with a constantly changing production palette, trying his hand at UKG, UK funky, dubstep, grime and bassline, all with a pretty excited response from the genre’s respective scenes. As well as this, he had a regular “Live Bars” series underway, inside which he lets loose his latest 64 bar verse which is again usually met with fantastic feedback!

Ahead of his entry into the highly acclaimed BeatBoss producer clash tournament, we thought it would be a good idea to work through Hamdi’s four strongest chops to date, just to show how dangerous he can be in a refix scenario! 

We have listed them for you to enjoy below:

Mura Masa – Lotus Eater

This is the most recent of our selection to date and is without a doubt one of the most useful weapons any 140BPM DJ can pack in their arsenal. From the spacey introduction of the intro into Hamdi’s devastating flutey chop manoeuvres come the breakdown, it’s a ruckus inducing madness.

DJQ – Rocky

Again, there is something about the Hamdi flips and chops this one that just sends the racers into an absolute frenzy. He here reworks the niche-style bass synthesisers of DJQ’s classic ‘Rocky’ instrumental into another masterful recreation.

Drake – Nice For What

This is how to do a pop-chop right. Hamdi loves to work with big recognisable intros and vocals, making this the perfect chopping ground for him to get his teeth stuck into. He here refixes Drake’s unmistakable singalong vocals into a real bassline brawler!

Swifta Beater – Choir Gang

This is possibly the pick of the bunch in all honest. The amount of times I have seen Hamdi draw for this one and watched the dance explode is beyond count. Just take a listen and you will hear for yourself! 

Follow: Hamdi

Words: KXVU

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