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The expanse of the South continues as Hadean announces mega Australia and Asia tour

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Well as a proud Brightonian it’s always an exciting moment for me to see fellow artists from the area push themselves out onto the world stage. In recent times we have seen a large range of Brighton acts set off on tour, including the likes of Taiki Nulight, Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn and more. The most recent name to be added to this is none other than the well deserving Hadean, who smashed 2018 out of the park through a combination of weighty live appearances and well received releases.

For a bit of artist background, Hadean has been a pretty pivotal part of Brighton’s bass scene for a number of years now, being both a resident at the highly regarded ‘In The Face’ events, a regular performer for the ‘24 Hour Garage Girls’ event company and just a generally active member in the local community.

His most recent tour announcement see’s him jet off to Southern Asia and Australia, giving a new audience the perfect chance to experience Hadean’s uniquely energetic take of bass music first hand. We also see him joined on the tour by the likes of Royal T,  Ben Suff and Killa P, just to add a touch of additional UK flavour to the mix.

We were lucky enough to pull the man himself aside for a brief chat, discussing what he thought of 2018, the inspiration behind the tour and what else we can look forward to from him across the course of 2019.

– Interview –

So first of all how are you doing sir, How was your end of year break?

It’s been hectic, but absolutely lovely hanging with family and friends as I’m often away this time of year.

Overall, how did you find 2018 as an artist?

It’s been an interesting year, I feel the scene changed a lot in 2018 – and my personal taste along with it.

I’ve enjoyed branching out with my production, the tracks I have coming out over the next few months are much more diverse.

Is there anything you would have changed about how you approached the year?

I wish I released more tracks. I spent a lot of the year experimenting and keeping most of my projects under wraps. I’ve got a string of tracks I’m really happy with releasing throughout 2019 so I’m feeling confident though!

SO, the tour has been announced, how has the response been?

The response has been crazy so far! It’s amazing how many people from the other side of the world have messaged and commented that they’re hyped to see me play out there. I’m really thankful to all the fellow artists in the scene that have been supportive as well.

We are aware you are someone who is quite keen on travel as a pastime, how does it feel to be jetting off to see the world as a touring performer?

It’s a great feeling. I’ve done some smaller tours around Europe and the USA before but never anything on this scale!

What’s really great to see is how much the underground music scene has been developing around Asia. I’ve spent 2 and a half years over the last 6 years out there and it really feels like there’s been a massive influx of people getting deeper into UK bass music in recent years.

What goes into setting up a tour like this?

Luckily I’ve made quite a lot of contacts out there over the past few years who have helped a lot with the whole process. Some of the promoters have been really helpful with connecting me with other venues / promoters as well. It’s definitely not been easy logistically though!

Is there anywhere on the tour you haven’t visited before?

I’ve actually never been to Australia! I know there’s a great crew out there so I’m really looking forward to seeing what it’s all about!

Where are you looking forward to touching down the most?

That’s a tough question but I’d have to say Tokyo. It’s got to be one of my favourite places in the world. Absolutely mental…

We see there are possibly more dates to be announced, any hints on when these will be available to see?

I’m still waiting to get confirmation on a few of the other shows, if all goes well I’ll be announcing them nearer the events.

What else do you have to look forward to from yourself across 2019?

The day I get back to England I’m heading straight up North to play at Bangface Weekender, which is always one of the craziest festivals of the year. I’m not sure how I’m going to survive it with jet lag but I’m hyped for that! I’ll be releasing new music soon and bookings have been coming in for when I get back to the UK so keep your eyes peeled on my socials for announcements!

Any other shouts my good sir?

Massive shoutout to all the promoters that have booked me and all the crew supporting!

To Celebrate the tour, Hadean has put together an absolute corker of a mix project, which is available to stream below as he jets off to the other side of the world!

Check out the mix here:

Follow Hadean:

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Words: KXVU

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