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The 3000 Selection – July 2019

Posted 31/7/19 in

It seems the summer heat has decided to take a short break, so we thought now would be the time to up the temperature with July’s edition of ‘The 3000 Selection‘, our guide to the hottest tracks from the world of UK Bass and ones we think you should be paying attention to, all brought to you on a monthly basis courtesy of our very own bass connoisseur Pundit:


Eloquin – Aura

Eloquin is a producer who never disappoints. Every time I hear one of his tracks I’m constantly amazed with the crispness of every single element; everything always sounds really clean. Aura is no exception, starting with delicately shimmering pads before blending with a powerfully ominous sub. The drop sounds distinctly Night Bass, drawing inspiration artists on the label but importantly forging his very own sound. If you haven’t been watching this producer already, start now. Eloquin’s destined for big things.

9trane x Arridim – Plazma VIP

It’s very clear from the get go that this is going to be a dark and hefty roller, with ominous horns bringing you down into the depths. With that special UK Funky style of offbeat snares interspaced with breaks, the drop takes off from the original, sounding like a fantastic extension of an already incredible sheller.


Bushbaby – Woman’s Touch

Forget about a woman’s touch, Bushbaby has the Midas touch. I’m yet to come across a track by him I haven’t immediately put on my “tracks to buy/download” list. Differing from his usual Neuro Bassline, Woman’s Touch is a grooving reesey-garage masterpiece. A skippy drumbeat backed up by chopped up breaks and bouncy drop make this another fantastic accolade for his ever growing discography, and a guaranteed club hit.

Le Duke – Warehouse

Le Duke enters the selection with the appropriately titled “Warehouse”. With only 64 beats between the start of the track and the drop, this track is perfect for those of us who enjoy quick mixing. Coupled with fast-paced 4×4 drums, bouncing Bassline, and chopped up MC vocals; you’ve got a great recipe for a festival banger, nailed perfectly by Le Duke.

Barely Royal x LØ – Show It Off

Barley Royal and frequent collaborator are back once again with a vocal-infused sheller. Balancing pop and bass is no easy task, but Barely Royal appears to have nailed it! The tropical plucks, guitar licks, and ’s voice are blended perfectly with Barely Royal’s restrained bass synths and crunchy drums. Sounds just as comfortable on the radio as it is in the club!

Sammy Virji – Ride It

Sammy Virji’s take on “C’mon N Ride It” by Quad City DJs spins the vocal sample in a completely different direction. Clearly taking the train aspect of the track and running with it, the track builds like train leaving the station. The high hats and vocals start the charge, whilst the rest of the elements are gradually introduced until a blistering climax, and Sammy’s signature 4×4 bass synths take centre stage. Fantastic mid-set piece.

NuBass – Pizza Planet

Possibly one of the most anticipated free downloads of the year, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the ID of this requested on Facebook groups like Lengoland. Using a sample familiar to most from Toy Story is a nostalgic stroke of genius, and timing it for the release of Toy Story 4 is just the icing on the cake. The production is mental too, with NuBass’s wonky lead backed up with a pounding 808 bass line and crunchy drums. Expect to hear this on dance floors everywhere this summer!


And there you have it, our recommendations on the freshest, hottest tracks you should be listening to at the moment and you can listen to them all again and again in our playlist below:




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