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The 3000 Selection – August 2019

Posted 2/9/19 in

As we enter into September, it’s time to take a retrospective look at the previous month and it’s key musical highlights for us. Cue the August edition of ‘The 3000 Selection’ our guide to the hottest tracks from the world of UK Bass we think you should be paying attention to, all brought to you on a monthly basis courtesy of our very own bass connoisseur Pundit.

This months selection features massive tunes from Shift K3Y, PHLEGMATIC DOGS, HODA, Eloquin, Dread MC, Negativ & more:

Hood Grove – Solitude

Starting off nice and floaty, we have a beautiful little breaks track from Leeds producer Hood Grove. Ethereal pads and a filtered vocal give way to emotional strings and deep reesey bass. Perfect for bringing down the energy, this one’s been on repeat a lot this month!

Sean Paul – Get Busy (Shift K3y remix)

I’ve been fiending for this one ever since Shift K3y’s latest UKF mix dropped 3 months ago. A deliciously bouncy edit of an absolute classic, and a free download as well? Sounds too good to be true, check it out for yourself!

Volac – Russian Style (Phlegmatic Dogs remix)

Coming fresh from Volac and Phlegmatic Dog’s collaborative EP, the ‘Dogs remix of Volac’s original is truly a masterpiece. The distinctive vibrato vocal/synth/sample (whatever that noise is, you know the one) leads the track into an enormously bassy drop. I’ve no clue how they’ve made that bass so thick, but it absolutely tears up dancefloors. A fantastic take on the original from Night Bass’s resident Russians.

Hoda & Eloquin – Kicks (ft. Dread MC)

Two of Lengoland’s most promising up & comers have collabed with legendary vocalist Dread MC. It’s always nice to see well-established names working with newcomers to the scene, especially when they end up creating a monster like this! Kicks has been tearing up stages up and down the country, so if you’ve been to any festival recently no doubt you will have heard it!

Negativ – Stealth

I’ve been after a copy of this tune ever since hearing it on My Nu Leng’s Fabric mix from a couple years back (if the track was ever available for download/purchase I couldn’t find it), so I’m absolutely delighted to see it’s had a re-release with Brøken Syndicate. I’m a sucker for a bassy-breaks hybrid, and this could be my favourite. The combination of the clean percussion, sweeping lead, and earth-shaking bass are fantastic, but what really solidifies Stealth for me is that second drop. The way that stabbing rave lead is introduced is one of my favourite examples of a second drop done right; a sensational change in energy.

You can check out the full playlist here:

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