Given the pure growth and return to public popularity that we have seen the dubstep movement undergo across the breadth of the previous year, it’s only right we celebrate one of the genre’s finest production outfits as a final homage to the year that has just been. There is no doubting that the dubstep sound is back on the up and constant upgrades in sound design and futuristic genre fusion have helped so many new fans across the globe fall in love with the sound. Today we are heading back over to North America for a look at one final drop from the Ternion Sound crew, who have arranged a spicy little remix package for us all to enjoy.

The original track ‘Dovetail’ gained quite a lot of support across the year, so to see these remixes pulled out of the bag brought us quite the smile, especially when we saw which exact artists had been selected to get involved with the sonic proceedure. Often with remix EPs, they can seem a little thrown together and a little off-the-cuff, but this one seems very specifically tailored to generating a complete spectrum overhaul of the original creation.

First up to the table, we get to welcome the sounds of Kursa, who arrives meaning business with his sizzling overhaul. This one completely reworks the fabric of ‘Dovetail’, unleashing a blistering barrage of bulbous breaksy slices and acidic synthetic textures to give us a very refreshing creation. From here, Bukez Finezt arrives to unleash the fun as his LFO-laden edit sends shivers down the spine, pushing systems to their limit with some super wonky bass design. Finally, the legendary Reso returns to deliver a jungle-inspired spin on the track, focussing on delicately processed sample switches and floating pad textures, sewn together with intense kick switch ups to round off the project with a serious bang.

You can check out all three of the remixes via the link below, kindly supplied by our good friends over at JunoDownload.

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