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Teal – Bassline Riddim

Posted 12/3/19 in

It’s time to get extremely gritty as we join forces with Teal for the release of his very aptly named ‘Bassline Riddim’. Based out of Boulder, US, Teal has been making serious waves of late with a
collection of forward thinking releases, including his super popular ‘Boogie To The Drums’ EP via 3000 Bass.

We see him flex his neuro muscles on this one as he brings forward a tirade of gnarly synth instrumentation, coupled with an array of punchy shuffling drum beats, sending the dance into a
daze every time. Teal’s work-rate and consistency are two traits we hold very highly here at 3000 and look out for an exclusive mix from to very soon via 3000 Bass!

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Words: KXVU

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