Over the many years we have been building content over here at The 3000 Network, there has been a small array of artists who despite releasing on special occasions only, have gained the reputation of keeping our ears exciting whenever they do so. These artists always have unique and precise approaches to their production, with none being more precise to us than the sounds of TC4, an impeccable duo from Wolves who have continued to create such a top quality array of bangers for the dance.

Their consistency over time has been nothing short of outstanding, with absolute thumpers across grime, garage and bass, making their way onto nearly every popular DJ’s live playlist, whether it be through on of their explosive remix creations or in fact one of their more experimental single drops. Every release seems to just punch through a mix and blend, with both the drums and basslines packing more of a punch each and every time we see a new drop emerge onto the shelves.

Now although we have heard them dip into the garage sound here and there, it definitely wouldn’t be the central genre we would align with the TC4 sound, which is what makes this brand new drop so exciting as the duo unleash a lively selection of 2-step-inspired flavours and rhythmic twists.

This track combines a high octane selection of drum stutters and colourful percussive inflections, giving the whole track a very lively feel right from the off. When that is this then coupled with some scrumptious bass processing and a tidy melody to match, this is a tune that is going to inject a tonne of energy to a lot of dances up and down the country. This is why TC4 are so beloved as a production duo in our eyes, because whatever sound they set their mind to, they come up wit something refreshing, interesting and unique.

You can check out the full track via our friends over at JunoDownload below:

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