It’s always exciting to see popular artists return to releasing music, a theme we have noticed popping up a lot over the course of the last 18 months in particular. Underground dance music in the UK has evolved to such a point where we are now in a mesh-like situation, with different influences and genres all crossing over each other to create one singular scene, which in our eyes has never been healthier. However, prior to this great mesh, there was an artist duo ploughing away at this kind of sonic ideal, who we are very happy to say are finally back in action as TC4 make a long awaited come back to releasing dance music.

Based in Wolves, the duo have been sorely missed even though it has only been a few months, with their legendary remixes and flavoursome originals being absolute gems to any DJ looking to pump up the volume in the dance a tad. Their catalogue is pretty vast and if you ask any UK multigenre underground dance DJ whose tracks they play the most of in the raves, I’m willing to bet a pretty penny that a large segment of them will say TC4. I can personally attest to their ‘Original Nuttah’ mix being one of my more favoured means of dancefloor destruction, alongside a number of other creations kick starting with that classic “Mana big inna the manor” vocal tag.

After a brief hiatus we are thrilled to see the pair are now back in action with a very exciting new single, taking the title ‘Baja’ and gravitating much more towarda a modernized garage sound, but of course laced with a few TC4 treats. The actual production value of this one is absolutely through the roof, with a much more mellowed approach being deployed. We play host to a beautiful combination of scattered vocal samples, groovy chord progressions and an overall classy feel, which allows TC4 to return in style, leaving us hoping this won’t be the last drop we see from them this year.

You can check out the full track via our good friends over at JunoDownload below:

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