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Taim shows us the way forward with explosive new Saucy drop

Posted 5/3/19 in

It’s been an absolute pleasure to watch from a distance as the sounds of Saucy Music have developed over the last couple of years. Moving from a more wobbly bassline sound, the imprint has really paved the way forward in recent times, developing the specific sound of its concise roster into a much more mature, forward thinking bass collective.

We have seen a range of artists such as Barely Royal, PVC, Pelikann and more all benefit drastically from this recent manoeuvre, seeing the whole crew’s sound mature and advance into a more timeless format, with a regular, yet not crucial breakbeat influence. We have adored some of the recent releases we have seen pop up, but this latest drop may be our favourite one yet.

An artist who’s sound has undoubtably stepped up a gear over the last 12 months or so is Taim, who has managed to put together some of the most exciting drops in the recent history of Saucy, this latest track entitled ‘Signs’ brings the absolute cherry on the cake.

As an original recording, this track showcases exactly what we have been eluding to throughout this article, nothing but well produced, hard hitting bass goodness. We adore Lo’s stunning vocal to begin with, swaying freely amongst an emotive introductory section, boosted to perfection through Taim’s expert use of processing. We then find ourselves speeding towards a hard hitting breakdown at full speed, which hits us like a freight train as waves of well rounded bass tones and well patterned drum beats land before us.

Overall, it’s a brilliant piece of work, perfect for sending a busy dance into an outright daze. We are also blessed with a number of weighty remixes, the first of which is more colourful breakbeat overhaul from Khesis. Along with this, Tengu also get involved with a super high energy rework, before the shimmering sounds of Axel Boy round this one off in style.

From start to finish this one is a top quality release and a real showcase of how much quality the Saucy Music team are stacking!

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Words: KXVU

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