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It’s been a top notch year for the ever expanding Saucy music roster, as they continue to develop as a label and as a real staple of the UK bass scene. The last 18 months have seen a major shift in the layout of UK Bass music’s landscape, moving slowly but surely away from the more classic “niche” sound, and into a more breaks inspired, drum heavy general design. There is no doubt that Saucy have had a major influence on this progression, as they have been championing the sound for as long as any of us are able to remember.
In yet another collaboration between two of the scene’s shining lights, ‘The Vibe’ brings together Brighton native Hadean and Bristolian Vellum for a succinct lesson in bass music production.
What a year it’s been for the team at Maraki as My Nu Leng and FineArt’s explosive new home label continue to roll out the belters, rolling on from Bushbaby’s extremely well received ‘Force’ EP earlier in the year.
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