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We welcome in the smooth blends and stylish selections of Iller Instinct. Within the next 30 minutes of listening, be prepared for smooth switch ups and forward thinking blends, sailing us into 2020 in style!
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At 3000 Bass we love more than to delve into the experimental and unexplored, which is why the recent string of submissions have given us such a high degree of enjoyment. Today we are back in business to bring you the latest piece of gold served up to us by Movenchy, a producer who’s recent run of form is quite something!
So as we kick off the week in a haze of dizzying sunshine and frightening levels of heat, we are back to take a look at the project which has been kicking up somewhat of a storm. Within bassline their are certain platforms and outlets which have set up shop at the top of the food chain, constantly supplying the scene with heavyweight releases and new talent. One of those labels is CruCast.
It’s time to get seriously dark and grizzly here as we move into our latest 3000 Bass offering, today coming to us courtesy of MODA, a producer duo who’s unique sound design and energetic compositional structure has started to catch the attention of the bass scene and obviously us here at The 3000 Network.
We are back again today to bring you more brand spanking new bass music, fresh off the shelf from K9, a producer who’s raucous blend between EDM themes and explosive Bassline rhythms has been gaining him quite the reputation.
So, what sort of treat do we have lined up for you today then? Following on from a string of very exciting releases, we are very pleased to be welcoming JG to 3000 Bass for an emphatic new remix project, into which the Sheffield based Bassline wizard pours a tonne of energy.