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Within the realms of deep house and surrounding genres, it’s often easy to find yourself sticking to the same formula for track after track, simply because it works. The reason we like this latest release from Ghost Channels so much is because it truly defies the norm, in both it’s sound design and general creation.
As ever with 3000 Deep, we look to bring you the silkiest, smoothest 4×4 heat, here supplied to us by Stund, a producer who is gaining quite the reputation for his high quality original creations.
As house and bass music continues to spread worldwide, we have become ever more interested in the expanding markets across the waters, especially in the US which seems to be a hotbed for new 4×4 talent in recent. years. Of course with different influences and backgrounds, we large differentiation between that and the UK sounds, but to see how they come together is always a pleasing site.