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It’s safe to say that the last 3 years or so have seen the absolute height of bass music around the world, with UK bassline’s revival prompting a massive rise in worldwide interest for bass heavy goodness. In this time we have seen a tonne of artists rise to nationwide and worldwide popularity, but we have to take a second to look at those who have been doing this since before the bass explosion of 2016. 
Well well, we sure do have a treat for you today as we continue on with our ever growing #Charted series, a project in which we get our favourite DJ’s and producers to put together a top ten list of their favourite tracks to play in the dance, often kicking up a few unexpected gems for you all to explore. 
To help understand Nekst’s latest involvement in the Digitalization 1.0 compilation, we have asked him to get involved with the site and set out his official top 10 current tracks to spin, showcasing the wide range of influences that he folds into his tracks.
Brighton’s premiere dance music station, Trickstar Radio, has been gracing the airwaves since 2014, and has built up a fantastic reputation not only in the seaside town, but across the South-East and UK. Founded by dance fanatic Si Twiddy. Trickstar has gone from strength to strength under his guidance. Something that surprises a lot of new DJ’s is the quality of professionalism at Trickstar – from the equipment to the staff. When Si moved to Brighton in 2013, he noticed something. “Whilst I was walking my dog along the seafront, I realised that Brighton had a huge scene dedicated to dance music, with massive DJ’s and headliners filling clubs every week – yet there was no radio station to compliment this popularity.” So he set up Trickstar as a way to give this city’s bustling music scene a voice – and 7 years later, the station is stronger and more popular than ever.
It’s been a brief minute since we last touched down to take a peek at the goings on of Inkline, who it has to be said ended up with a fantastic 2018 catalogue. Throughout the year he worked closely with a range of labels to showcase his work, which arguably boasts some of the most original sound design in the world of bass music today.