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At this point in time, it is difficult to ignore the impact that the Southpoint team have had on underground bass music in the UK. Since their formation in 2015, we have seen the Brighton based imprint grow into one of the most professional and influential imprints within the bass scene and beyond, with their multi-genre approach to their cataloging gaining them respect from grime to garage to funky to dubstep and beyond.   
By now, if you are a member and fan of the UK bass scene, you must have had your head in the sand to have avoided the annual Christmas gift that is supplied by the Southpoint team. Since their inception back in 2015, the Brighton based grime and UK bass label have been one of the leading forces forces for underground dance music in the south of England, giving us countless smash recordings from some of the scene’s most vibrant producers, which over the years include Bushbaby, Skepsis, Freddie Martin, Zero, Distinkt, Sammy Virji, Darkzy and more.
It’s been a top notch year for the Southpoint team when it comes to releases. The label itself has always found a major amount of pride in the fact they are able to move around different areas of bass music with such freedom, often leading to incredible collaborative material and scorching remix link ups, giving them a bit of an edge on the competition. This year has seen them deliver in grime with Jakebob’s debut album and KXVU’s most recent EP both reaching MixMag status, along with a launch into the realms of UK funky and garage with Moony & Movement presents earlier in the year. 
As a platform, Southpoint have been one of the most consistent projects to grace the South of England since their formation in mid 2015. Since then, the label has gone on to pull together one of the most exciting rosters in UK bass music, ranging from early releases with high flyers such as Skepsis, Darkzy, Sammy Virji and Distinkt, to their high profile flag flyers, including Bushbaby, Freddie Martin, Zero, Movement, Moony and more.
Creativity is what we strive to discover here at Bass music is a busy marketplace, filled with thousands of replicants following very few original sound-smiths, which can often give the impression that there is a serious lack of originality. However, today we are going to be looking at the England to Poland based duo of Negativ, who defy the above themes time and time again, championing their unique blend of breaks and bass.
UK Funky is one of those genres that seems to be constantly up for debate, what is it? is it dead? is such and such bringing it back? The sound has evolved so much over time that whilst that core UK Funky sound remains there are endless sub genres/crossovers and related sounds to consider. Having only been involved in the scene for a couple of years I often find it difficult to say this is UK Funky or this isn’t because I don’t feel it’s my place to say.