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Following on from a fantastic summer period for the Garage revival movement, we are very much looking forward to seeing the momentum move forward and carry the genre well through the winter months. There’s something quite charming about the idea of a UKG rave in winter, the big coats and chilly entry queue to the fun and bubbly nature of the dance, lovely! 
It has been a fantastic month in the realms of UKG, a genre which is seeing one hell of a resurgence over the last year or so. We are lucky enough to be able to witness the re-birth of one of this countries finest musical exports, with producers around the world now jumping onto the classic UKG sound.
As far as labels within this fantastic bass scene go, there aren’t many who have pushing the boundaries and shaping the sound of the scene as much as Saucy Records in recent times. The label operates with a number of regularly featured artists, including the likes of Pelikann, Taim, Affiliate and a load of other super original producers.