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Over the years we have seen the UK Funky genre constantly evolve, with twists and turns at every corner and popularity growing and shrinking year to year. We feel currently however that the genre has regained somewhat of a high point, with creativity at an all time high and new releases hitting the shelves from numerous different exciting label projects every week.
In a time where UK Funky is really starting to receive both it’s deserved influential credit and hype, it’s always pleasing to see the veterans of the scene keep everything lively and vibrant. Since the genre has moved back into the public eye, the majority of releases have come to us in the now universally accepted formats of digital downloads, streams or free releases.
If you’re familiar with the funkier side of the UK Bass scene, you’ll certainly know about Pharaoh K. With previous releases on Champion’s Formula Records, and In:Flux Audio, his absolute funky weapon ‘Chagga’ is being released on Roska’s Label ‘Roska’s Kicks and Snares’ (RKS).