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It’s been a brief minute since we last touched down to take a peek at the goings on of Inkline, who it has to be said ended up with a fantastic 2018 catalogue. Throughout the year he worked closely with a range of labels to showcase his work, which arguably boasts some of the most original sound design in the world of bass music today.
3000 Blog
As a label, Punks have been one of the most consistent outlets for bass and breaks music throughout the entirety of 2018, constantly providing the scene with original creativity within their releases, always moving forward into exciting new ground. The label has gained a lot of steam in recent months, seeing them propelled rapidly to the forefront of their genres, which is no less than they deserve in our humble opinion!
It’s been a hot minute since we were presented with a new drop from Brighton’s PVC, and it’s safe to say that it has been worth the weight as the Punks team unveil this potent two tracker.
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