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What a year it’s been. We have witnessed somewhat of a union form between so many different genres and styles and it does truly feel as though the ‘Bass Music’ bracket has become an all encompassing title that brings together creators and fans in one large bubble. We have seen numerous labels push to represent this, with Project Allout always diving between grime and bassline, Southpoint adding dubstep to the mix and Four40 throwing an additional emphasis on the UKG angle.
What a fantastic year it has been for garage and funky, with both of the genres managing to work their way heavily back into the pillars of popular bass culture, with both genres becoming the breeding grounds for the latest wave of exciting electronic dance music producers.
As a series, Charted is a perfect way for us to look into the selections and tastes of some of the most influential faces around the music scene of the UK. We are very excited to be welcoming in Koast for our next edition, one of Bristol’s most influential vocalists and forward thinkers within the bass scene.
Club night turned record label ‘1Forty’ return to grace the 3000 blog with yet another Funky and Garage release. Following on from FNG002, this release features an all star lineup, and has been as high as #1 on the Juno Garage and Funky charts.