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Wang Records return with their 3rd outing, this time in the form of four, slick bass cuts. With tracks from of the bass scenes brightest lights, including Tenshu, NuBass, Deppz, Hoda & Inkline, ‘Arcade Invaders’ is the next logical step in the Wang Records musical journey. There are a ton of influences throughout the four tracks, with bass house being a major influence, but elements of rave, techno and breakbeat poke their heads up regularly.
Yumna Black is an up-and-coming producer from Leicester, specialising in laidback and soulful UKG. He recently appeared on Wang Records compilation, ‘Avirex Airwaves’, with a track featuring Dread MC. Not too bad for a first track! In light of his forthcoming song, ‘Falling’, out today, we decided to catch up with Yumna, and learn a little More about the man behind the music…
Wang Records have dropped their first release, taking form as an exquisite ode to New School UKG (AKA NUKG). The compilation offers everything and anything under the UKG spectrum, with dark basslines, lush pads and ethereal vocals.
There is no doubting that both garage and UK funky are both very much back in the thick of the UK dance music conversation, with both genres managing to reemerge onto the scene throughout the explosive twelve months of music that was 2018. Because of their similarly timed reappearance on a more public scale, we often see the two genres layered together, which sees us pick up some interesting crossovers.
Within a crowded underground scene, there is massive competition large areas of different genres to stand out and be as original as possible, without losing track of the genres you are supposedly attached to. However in an age where collaborations and cross genre experiments are appearing on every corner, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell who is associated with what anymore.