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There really isn’t long to go now until we hear the bells and whistles of Santa’s slay turning the corner, which makes it as good a time as ever to squeeze a final release in before we move into a brand new release schedule in 2020. We have seen a worldwide explosion with the realms of bass music, which really become one of the most exciting sub-genre’s of dance music to be a part of. As a whole, this year will go down as the year the sound expanded, growing out of the more original, niche sound, into a more world-accessible collection of themes and styles. 
We are loving watching the UK bass scene’s expansion, seeing a wealth of new artists blossom and new project flourish. One label we have seen putting together some fantastically consistent material is none other than the Low End. We have been keeping a pretty close eye on the Birmingham based imprint in recent times, seeing them smash together eight fantastic initial releases, showcasing the best of bass music within the UK scene and beyond. 
For us it’s always incredibly pleasing to see labels burst onto the scene alongside fresh, exciting new artists, brimming with ideas and futuristic sounds. For this reason, we are very excited to get stuck into this weighty four track arrangement from the likes of MPH, a Canterbury located bass wizard, who gets very busy indeed across this one.
So, it’s time to take a peek at an artist we feel has gone without his due praise for just about long enough. As a DJ, producer and general bass music figure, Clean Shirt has established himself in both the dances and in the online communities, through providing technical and vibrant live sets and stepping up as a crucial moderator for the infamous Lengoland forum. It’s pretty undeniable that the young London based entity has played a pretty pivotal role in bass music’s assent to nightclub dominance across the country, being one of the go-to faces for quite some time.