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2018 proved an exciting year for relative youngster MPH; with his upcoming release ‘Business Mode’ sounding masterfully tight and boasting some huge collabs, we at 3000 are sure the trend will continue long into future. This hard-hitting release pulls no punches and is announced by eponymous artillery shell ‘Business Mode’ featuring textbook vocal cuts from none other than Dread MC. Compact drum patterns and a prominent clave motif underscore Dread’s apocalyptic introduction, which soon makes way for the track’s bouncy, dissonant main theme. The opening track does what a good introduction ought to and foreshadows much of what is to come and nicely makes way for a VIP of the previously released ‘Mud’.
In recent times we have been keeping a key eye on a number of emerging artists. In a time of such mass expansion for the bass scene, we feel it is important for us to stay tuned in to both the forefront and the team of up and comers keeping everyone on their toes.
As far as upcoming producers go, there aren’t many who have been putting in work as consistently as Southampton’s own SILK, who has spent time this year refining and formatting his potent bassline sound, rendering him one of the strongest new faces on the scene. He has been making regular event apperances as well as stacking up some seriously impressive support, which is why it made perfect sense to us when we saw that he had teamed up with the infamous Lengoland, for their label’s third official release. 
So, the time has finally come. It’s safe to say that unless you have been living under a rock for the last three years, if you follow bass music in the UK, you are likely to have come across the formidable Lengoland storm.