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It’s most definitely an exciting time across multiple different areas of the UK underground music scene as we have seen numerous different battles and clashes kick off to give the year somewhat of an explosive start. The most notable of these clash circles is seemingly between grime’s godfather in Wiley, who has sent out the artillery for world-wide phenomenon Stormzy, who has responded with some serious heat. The pair have been going at each other via Twitter and numerous clash dubs each, with Dot Rotten, Jay1 & Jaykae providing the earlier skirmishes.
Ah, Lengoland, what a place it is. Really, there aren’t many online communities that have grown into such a consistent Goliath as the team at Lengoland, who starting as a Facebook group a few years back, have gone on to become one of the most reliable imprints in the scene. Between their sell out live events and forward thinking label arm, there aren’t many people who have been able to keep pace with the Leng movement, with the brand constantly evolving and bringing in fresh, exciting new producers to bless our bass-deprived ear drums. 
For those that don’t already know about the Lengoland movement, we firstly ask, what rock have you been dwelling under to not have done so. As a platform there is no doubt that Lengoland is one of the strongest outposts for bass music on the ground level, bringing producers, DJ’s, promoters and fans all together in one big bundle, all to enjoy the pure mass of bass music being produced around the world.
For the Lengoland movement, it is a very exciting time to be in the thick of it, as they continue to expand their events around the country whilst simultaneously expanding the online community that can be found within their incredibly popular Facebook group. Over the years, we have seen a tonne of online communities come and go, especially in regards to bass music, but Lengoland seems most certainly to be the one that has stuck the most.
2018 proved an exciting year for relative youngster MPH; with his upcoming release ‘Business Mode’ sounding masterfully tight and boasting some huge collabs, we at 3000 are sure the trend will continue long into future. This hard-hitting release pulls no punches and is announced by eponymous artillery shell ‘Business Mode’ featuring textbook vocal cuts from none other than Dread MC. Compact drum patterns and a prominent clave motif underscore Dread’s apocalyptic introduction, which soon makes way for the track’s bouncy, dissonant main theme. The opening track does what a good introduction ought to and foreshadows much of what is to come and nicely makes way for a VIP of the previously released ‘Mud’.