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Today we are back to kick off your week with a very exciting new premiere as the team at Low Pitched move forward with a brand new compilation. Over the years, DJ Spookz’s Low Pitched imprint has played host to some of the most exciting up and comers and established bassline originals, constantly providing the scene with classy original releases and forward thinking musical themes. 
Club night turned record label ‘1Forty’ return to grace the 3000 blog with yet another Funky and Garage release. Following on from FNG002, this release features an all star lineup, and has been as high as #1 on the Juno Garage and Funky charts.
Within the vast, expansive and ever developing realms of bass music in the UK, we are always looking for the next big sound. The last few years has seen bassline take the lead roll, with artists now touring the world off the back of vicious 4×4 creations. However, over the last year, it would be safe to say that UK funky’s notoriety has been significantly enhanced, becoming established as one of the most exciting corners of modern bass music.
Starting as a club night aimed at bringing more diversity to the scene in Leeds, 1Forty are back with their third release this year, after a slew of three massive free EPs in 2017. With a pretty impressive social media presence, 1Forty is pretty hard to miss.