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When it comes to labels with a seriously influential history within Bass music, it’s difficult to leave the legendary 877 out of the conversation. Over the years the Brighton based imprint has housed some of the most sought after names on the scene, including the likes of My Nu Leng, Majora, Distro, A-Motion and more. 
At threethousand.co.uk we don’t half like to go on about producers and their incredible skillsets. However, we feel that we have been somewhat unfair to those who control one of the most crucial elements of any banger, the vocalists. Within bass music, there is often a theme of ‘Oh it needs a vocal’, which is often the case, however the idea of just have ‘A Vocal’ is just a bit disrespectful for the art form, especially when the vocals will often bring in an entirely new audience.
It’s an exciting time for dubstep at the moment, as the deeper, darker a more futuristic side of the genre paves the way for a massive resurgence. We have been monitoring dubstep’s popularity over the last few months, both as a genre of 140bpm music and as it’s own entity, seeing it leap up the charts of online stores around the internet. 
Now to begin with, the term UK bass music is a pretty broad one. In our eyes, this can cover an extremely wide range of genres and styles, anything from dubstep to bassline to garage to funky to grime to breaks and everything inbetween in fact.