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Within a crowded bass scene, it is often difficult to even contemplate the idea of longevity, especially when projects seem to come and go quicker than the seasons in the UK’s current climate. It is for these reasons that large scale milestones need to be celebrated properly, with long term release structures being hailed. It’s easy to throw in the towel after 10, 20 or even 30 full drops, remember that means 30 pieces of artwork, 30 promotional campaigns, 30 sets of video content, 30 mailouts etc etc, it’s tiring stuff.
We were absolutely thrilled to see this one hit our inbox as In:flux keep up their very exciting 2019 run with a fantastic new EP from Fork And Knife, a producer who has found himself moving freely between different genres of UK bass music, making quite the name for himself wherever he tends to land.
We work in an era of bass music in which we see projects rise and fall more regularly than ever. The UK sound is changing and keeping up with that change without losing your roots is without a doubt the hardest thing for any record label to do.
In our opinion, the long standing labels that have constantly provided the scene with top draw music deserve praise above all others, as consistency within a constantly altering musical landscape is one of the most difficult thing to maintain. At 3000 we really try to keep an eye on those who have been putting the work in, which is what makes this article so enjoyable for us.
Well it certainly appears to be an exciting time for the In:Flux Audio camp, who are currently coming off the back of a tremendous anniversary release, celebrating some of the best releases across the label’s history. As a label project they clearly pride themselves on their consistency, as it’s hard to pinpoint a a drop in quality along their long run of EP and LP releases.