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As a year, we feel 2020 was great for dance music in so many aspects. For one, it was a year of fusion, of coming together as we saw producers from the full spectrum of dance music both join forces with each other and set sail to explore before undiscovered landscapes of sound.  The hybridization of 140BPM based music and the splitting of UK bass between niche and tech forming two perfect examples of our point.
When this enticing new offering from Johnny 2 Shots & Two Tails Feat. S3RL – ‘I Want It’ recently dropped in our laps, we leapt at the chance to give a good old once over!
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Something we absolutely love about the expansion of bass music around the world, is the steady but undeniable overlapping with other, more established genres, blurring the lines to the point where everything falls under one all powerful umbrella genre. This latest outing is a perfect example of that, as we are joined by the good folk at House Of Hustle to get involved with their latest release from Boa & Mar alongside Lalzin.