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Wang Records return with their 3rd outing, this time in the form of four, slick bass cuts. With tracks from of the bass scenes brightest lights, including Tenshu, NuBass, Deppz, Hoda & Inkline, ‘Arcade Invaders’ is the next logical step in the Wang Records musical journey. There are a ton of influences throughout the four tracks, with bass house being a major influence, but elements of rave, techno and breakbeat poke their heads up regularly.
It’s safe to say that there is a very exciting new breed of bass artist slowly emerging onto the scene, following in the footsteps of those innovative bassline artists that came before. We are also seeing that a lot of the more established label projects are now starting to find space for the new breed, with the likes of CruCast, Four40 and Southpoint all delivering music from the new breed from the studio to our eardrums.
At 3000 we can admit that we often put a bit too much emphasis onto the DJ’s and producers of the scene. However, we felt it was time we made an effort to highlight the MC’s, vocalists and hosts who work in and around UK bass culture, being one of the most important elements of a decent rave. A host’s job is to conduct the dance, assist in the build up of energy and be the human point of engagement between a crowd and a DJ and it is a skill that is far too often overlooked.
We have heard tell of this for a while, but we are very pleased to see that the team at CruCast have decided to expand the camp. It’s always extremely important in our eyes for independant labels to look the future, looking to bring new, upcoming faces into the fold as often as possible, without disrupting their primary release schedule. It appears that CruCast have been plotting away with this one as they finally unveil the first recruit to their ‘New Blood’ roster.