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What a year it’s been. We have witnessed somewhat of a union form between so many different genres and styles and it does truly feel as though the ‘Bass Music’ bracket has become an all encompassing title that brings together creators and fans in one large bubble. We have seen numerous labels push to represent this, with Project Allout always diving between grime and bassline, Southpoint adding dubstep to the mix and Four40 throwing an additional emphasis on the UKG angle.
Garage is clearly at forefront of UK dance music right about now, I think to deny that at this point is just shaking your head at the painfully obvious. We are witnessing such a fantastic resurgence, with labels such as Kiwi, Strictly Flava, Slime, Four40 and more all chipping into the pot to create a fantastic new combined catalogue of sounds, bringing in exciting new faces and showcasing the more seasoned in the same light.
Wang Records have dropped their first release, taking form as an exquisite ode to New School UKG (AKA NUKG). The compilation offers everything and anything under the UKG spectrum, with dark basslines, lush pads and ethereal vocals.
Higgo has gone from strength to strength in the last couple of years. With releases on a host of labels including Project Allout Records, Four40, HAUSMADE, aswell as a wealth of self releases (including his masterpiece, Dynamite), Higgo is clearly making an impression in UKG. He was recently featured in the premiere edition of Conducta’s ‘Kiwi Manifesto’, and announced his own mix series, with the first ‘Garage & Bass 01’ dropping earlier this year. Watch out for Higgo, he’s not stopping anytime soon.
After returning from touring America, southern based DJ & producer Albzzy has put together a team of bass scene professionals to form his new engineering and press company: B2B Audio.