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In yet another collaboration between two of the scene’s shining lights, ‘The Vibe’ brings together Brighton native Hadean and Bristolian Vellum for a succinct lesson in bass music production.
In our opinion, the long standing labels that have constantly provided the scene with top draw music deserve praise above all others, as consistency within a constantly altering musical landscape is one of the most difficult thing to maintain. At 3000 we really try to keep an eye on those who have been putting the work in, which is what makes this article so enjoyable for us.
Well as a proud Brightonian it’s always an exciting moment for me to see fellow artists from the area push themselves out onto the world stage. In recent times we have seen a large range of Brighton acts set off on tour, including the likes of Taiki Nulight, Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn and more. The most recent name to be added to this is none other than the well deserving Hadean, who smashed 2018 out of the park through a combination of weighty live appearances and well received releases.