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At 3000 we can admit that we often put a bit too much emphasis onto the DJ’s and producers of the scene. However, we felt it was time we made an effort to highlight the MC’s, vocalists and hosts who work in and around UK bass culture, being one of the most important elements of a decent rave. A host’s job is to conduct the dance, assist in the build up of energy and be the human point of engagement between a crowd and a DJ and it is a skill that is far too often overlooked.
3000 Blog
It’s been a very exciting start to the year for DJ Zinc’s Bingo imprint, having brought in singles from the likes Rico Tubbs, Wittyboy, Shapes and the main man Zinc himself over the course of the last six weeks. The levels are clearly being maintained to the highest degree.
3000 Blog
As far as labels in the bass scene go, it’s safe to say that there are few projects that have been able to keep pace with Punks over the last couple of years. Through a combination of incredible A&R skills and forward thinking release arrangement, they have striven to provide the scene with incredibly original bass music with a particular influence on breaksy themes. 
3000 Blog
What a whirlwind of a year 2018 was for Southpoint, who as a label put together 19 full releases, along with 50 free drops via their secondary ‘Southpoint: Introducing’ SoundCloud channel. There are few labels that seem to be able to handle such a bulk of releases and yet still maintain their maticulous quality control across all of the artists they bring into the fold.
Here we see the two names combine on their brand new collaboration ‘Riot’, which has caught some serious attention, premiering now on UKF.