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We have come to the end of what has undoubtedly been one of the most interesting years for UK music of all time. When we look across the spectrum, we have seen a massive influx of both grime and dancehall influences take hold of the chart structures. We have seen the return of garage in full force with AJ Tracey and Conducta landing one of the most popular tracks of the summer, along with the re-emergence of dubstep and funky around the world. 
Wang Records return with their 3rd outing, this time in the form of four, slick bass cuts. With tracks from of the bass scenes brightest lights, including Tenshu, NuBass, Deppz, Hoda & Inkline, ‘Arcade Invaders’ is the next logical step in the Wang Records musical journey. There are a ton of influences throughout the four tracks, with bass house being a major influence, but elements of rave, techno and breakbeat poke their heads up regularly.
At threethousand.co.uk we don’t half like to go on about producers and their incredible skillsets. However, we feel that we have been somewhat unfair to those who control one of the most crucial elements of any banger, the vocalists. Within bass music, there is often a theme of ‘Oh it needs a vocal’, which is often the case, however the idea of just have ‘A Vocal’ is just a bit disrespectful for the art form, especially when the vocals will often bring in an entirely new audience.