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We are very excited to be back amongst the releases here at 3000 Deep, as we move out of Summer and into Autumn with a bag of new power to heat up any dance. For todays most recent outing, we bring forward the combined talents of F-LIMA & Mikhail Garcez for a storming deep house roller by the name of ‘Take It Easy’.
We are loving the quality of the submissions that we are receiving via the 3000 Deep inbox recently, as we continue to unleash an array of great new artists for you to enjoy. Today we are tuned into a new heater from Faddist, who deploys some of his lethal production techniques on this track entitled ‘Gat Empty’.
As ever at 3000 Deep we are always looking to find the latest and greatest in deeper 4×4 and house music, a task which in the summer becomes all the more enjoyable as producers begin to flex their more atmospheric muscles, a theme we can hear running fluidly throughout this brand new heater from Giovanni Moretti.
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As house and bass music continues to spread worldwide, we have become ever more interested in the expanding markets across the waters, especially in the US which seems to be a hotbed for new 4×4 talent in recent. years. Of course with different influences and backgrounds, we large differentiation between that and the UK sounds, but to see how they come together is always a pleasing site.
So we are back at it again on 3000 Deep as we get down with a brand new, vibrant two track project from none other than the Dirty Brothers. As a team, they have gained quite the reputation for pulsating original creations, and this latest offering doesn’t break the trend in the slightest.
The summer sun is shining as we delve into what is said to be one of the hottest periods of the UK’s history. Today, we embrace that heat as we dive into a fantastic new remix all the way from Cairo, channeling even more heat into the air. Moudy Afifi is in the 3000 eyeline today as he gets to work with a stunning rethink of Tempter Trap’s colorful ‘Sweet Disposition’ original. 
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We are absolutely loving the incredibly high standard of submission we have been receiving on the 3000 Deep page of late, with track being a prime example of just how exciting the times are here at the 3000 Network. We therefore can’t wait for you to dive into this peachy new number from Yosif, which takes the name ‘Feel You’.
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Some of our avid followers will know that we have just featured a fantastic 2 tracker from up and comer Benjamin Bogart which incorporated deep and bass elements flawlessly, so we thought it would only be right if were to ask him back to step up next in our exclusive mix series and we are certainly glad we did!
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As the 3000 Network continues to grow and encapsulate different styles and genres of dance music, we are very keen to continue to promote underground bass and house music as much as possible. This is why we are so excited to be presenting you all with this brand new two track selection from Benjamin Bogart, an exciting up and coming producer from Nijmegen, Netherlands.
Beautiful, chilled vibes coming your way today courtesy of Bromsgrove’s Anto. We can’t get enough of his work over here at 3000 HQ and we hope you like this track as much as we do. Anto is definitely one to keep an eye on this year.
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