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Within the ever-expanding breadth of UK bass music, CruCast have without a doubt established themselves as one of the scene’s front running projects. They clearly make a conscious effort to keep a consistent run of releases, pulling a perfect blend between new, exciting talent and their well established roster, which consists of some of the scenes most sought after producers and MCs.
CruCast are always keeping pace these days, constantly rotating between their Goliath roster, made up of both seriously established heavyweights such as Skepsis, Bru-C & Darkzy, along with rapidly rising stars such as MPH, Nubass and more. Today we are here to take a peek at the latest offering from Cajama, a name which has known nothing but growth over the last 18 months, primarily due his top draw work rate and serious ability to build bangers. The Doncaster based producer has gained a pretty reputable fan base, now boasting nearly 7.5K on his personal SoundCloud page, and seeing his original ‘Atmo’ become a part of the ‘Pure Bassline Anthems’ CD, mixed by UK legends DJQ & Jamie Duggan. 
So as we kick off the week in a haze of dizzying sunshine and frightening levels of heat, we are back to take a look at the project which has been kicking up somewhat of a storm. Within bassline their are certain platforms and outlets which have set up shop at the top of the food chain, constantly supplying the scene with heavyweight releases and new talent. One of those labels is CruCast.