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For quite some time now, we have been seriously admiring the work that Barely Royal has been putting into the scene, with a stack of  extremely well received releases at his side and a constantly evolving production style, we have no doubts that he sits currently among the upper echelons of UK bass producers. 
What an exciting 12 months it has been for Jakebob, a grime producer who has gone from strength to strength in recent times, honing his unique production style into a state of near mastery, at least enough for him to be able to produce incredible new 140 music at a daily rate. His incredible work rate has seen him become one of the scenes most favoured producers, gaining DJ support from the biggest names in the business, including Spooky, Slimzee, Kirby T and more.
As one of our major representatives among a crowded bass scene, we are thrilled to be bringing man like Hot Goods into the ruckus for an exclusive #Charted listing. For us, he is without a doubt one of the brightest sparks to emerge out of the South in recent years, honing is style into a futuristic jackin tech fusion, perfect for sending dancefloors into a daze. We were in fact lucky enough to put together and official two track project with him earlier in the year by the name of ‘Loanshark’. As a release, the project received some fantastic feedback and helped propel Hot Goods into the forefront of the bass scene.
Within the UK Bass scene, there are few that have managed to make themselves as applicable across the board as N.Y.T.A. Known for his super futuristic style, blending tech inspired bass moogs and rolling percussive drum progressions, the Bristol based producer has become renowned for the defying the ordinary and yet remaining as relevant as ever, a skill few have ever mastered within UK dance music in general.
Since bursting onto the bassline scene during the genre’s recent resurgence, Pelikann undoubtedly proven himself to be one of the most forward thinking producers working across the scene today. Through his use of super innovative bass design and lethal drum processing, Peli has managed to nail his futuristic neuro sound down to a t, making his live sets and releases a real highlight across the UK’s bass community.
We are thrilled at threethousand.co.uk to be introducing you all to our brand new artist led article series, bringing you off the the top tens direct from your favourite artists in underground bass music.