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It has been a busy month for all involved at the Threethousand Network, with some mammoth album drops, incredible new EP’s and singles alongside some incredible live shows and radio appearances. We have taken the time out to list what we believe to be the five strongest releases of the previous month, which you can check out below: 
It’s been a hell of a year for Bushbaby, a Brighton based producer who has shot to fame through his incredible production style and unique take on a range of different bass music styles. Since emerging in 2015 with a breaksy Southpoint EP, he has since become seen as somewhat of a household name within the UK dance music scene, traversing multiple styles and blessing us all with a number of lively DJ performances.
At 3000 we can admit that we often put a bit too much emphasis onto the DJ’s and producers of the scene. However, we felt it was time we made an effort to highlight the MC’s, vocalists and hosts who work in and around UK bass culture, being one of the most important elements of a decent rave. A host’s job is to conduct the dance, assist in the build up of energy and be the human point of engagement between a crowd and a DJ and it is a skill that is far too often overlooked.
One thing we are most certainly starting to notice about the UK bass scene is a leaning towards social media presence and online capabilities, something which a lot of people are opposed to by principal. For us, we now live in an age where online presence and social media techniques have become essential as parts of a promotional campaign, and we feel that it’s something everyone is perfectly capable of being able to get involved in, without being bogged down in stats and figures.
Well, what a fantastic year 2018 was for the Brighton born now Bristol based bass wizard known as Bushbaby. Since first arriving on the scene in early 2016, the young mastermind has gone from strength to strength relentlessly, building an incredible level of momentum whilst simultaneously crafting his own truly unique sound yet delivering exactly what bass fans in the UK were asking for every single time.