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At we don’t half like to go on about producers and their incredible skillsets. However, we feel that we have been somewhat unfair to those who control one of the most crucial elements of any banger, the vocalists. Within bass music, there is often a theme of ‘Oh it needs a vocal’, which is often the case, however the idea of just have ‘A Vocal’ is just a bit disrespectful for the art form, especially when the vocals will often bring in an entirely new audience.
3000 Blog
Now in the UK, something we are super proud of is our incredible musical diversity, as we see so many different genres emerge from our sainted little island, drawing influence from around the world. We look at the explosions of underground genres such as UKG and dubstep and grime around the world, and see that the UK sound is one that the world seems to just take to.
3000 Blog
The relationship between vocalist and instrumentalist is rarely talked about outside the realms of “rap”. You’ll notice the use of quotation marks as I refer to the action rather than the genre – an action prevalent across many forms of music in 2019 – ranging from House, to Jazz, to Country music.
3000 Blog
As ever in the bassline world, Bru-C is on job, putting in the tireless work which has seen him rise to be one of the premiere MC’s in UK dance music. Through continuous tours, high profile release campaigns, exciting music videos and a tonne of live giveaways, Bru-C has social media in the palm of his hand, keeping his finger steadily on the pulse of the UK bass scene.

This collaboration sees Krudd founder and all around mic man extraordinaire: Bru-C team up with man of the moment Tsuki for a bass fueled thrill ride, injecting some serious bass flavour into the dance.
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