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Within the UK dance music scene, there are a few people who truly qualify for legend status. By this we mean artists and DJ’s that have stayed at the top of the game for extended period of time. There aren’t many people ahead of the legendary DJ Zinc in this field, a DJ and producer who has overseen so many different eras of dance music, from jungle to crack house, featuring everything in between.
It’s been a very exciting start to the year for DJ Zinc’s Bingo imprint, having brought in singles from the likes Rico Tubbs, Wittyboy, Shapes and the main man Zinc himself over the course of the last six weeks. The levels are clearly being maintained to the highest degree.
Since the beginning of 2019, it’s safe to say that Bingo Bass have been on a bit of a steam roll, putting together some absolutely scorching singles to kick off the year, including the release of Zinc’s ‘Ammergency’, coupled with it’s VIP drop the following month.
It’s about time we had Tony Wonka back on the site after his fantastic premiere with us a few months back. His stock has since soared, with a lot of the scene’s top names taking a major interest in his bassy endevours. 
After a really well received premiere from N.Y.T.A earlier in the month, we are thrilled to be bringing him back to the forefront of the channel again as we bring this official premiere for Zinc’s exceptional Bingo Bass imprint.This time however, we are joined by one of the most talked about MC’s in grime at the moment: Jammz, who’s flawless top draw work ethic and flawless vocal precision has recently gained him a new Rinse.FM residency alongside Jackdat.