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Today we are back in action with Ryuken yet again with another storming guest mix, exclusive to the 3000 Bass SoundCloud page. Having worked closely with the team at Bingo Bass in recent months, when we saw this selection land in the inbox it was a no brainer that we simply had to get involved.
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In yet another collaboration between two of the scene’s shining lights, ‘The Vibe’ brings together Brighton native Hadean and Bristolian Vellum for a succinct lesson in bass music production.
Tony Wonka, most known for his leading actions within D&B trio Teddy Killerz, recently joined up with the infamous imprint for a stonking release, one which is gaining a lot of traction among the high rollers of the scene. We were lucky enough to grab an interview and guest mix with Tony prior to his release appearing on the shelves.
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