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It’s already one month into 2020 and therefore time for a little check up on what some of our favourite producers have been up to so far this year. So as usual via our monthly instalment of ‘The 3000 Selection’, here is our pick of January’s top notch bangers.
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As a year, we feel 2020 was great for dance music in so many aspects. For one, it was a year of fusion, of coming together as we saw producers from the full spectrum of dance music both join forces with each other and set sail to explore before undiscovered landscapes of sound.  The hybridization of 140BPM based music and the splitting of UK bass between niche and tech forming two perfect examples of our point.
2020 is certainly not disappointing when it comes to quality within the bass scene and this latest weapon from Loadjaxx gives us a good indication of just how good the year is going to be.
We have been so excited to crack on when it comes to new releases, and the submissions folder has never looked more exciting for us! Today, we look into a more apocalyptic sound as welcome the truly unique production styles of Wolvero onto the 3000 Bass channel for a brand new scorcher.