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At 3000 Bass we are stockpiling the winter warmers, with tracks such as this being the main point of focus, as Zakariae & Type 99 team up for a juicy number by the name of ‘Ma Face’, a very exciting collaboratory project indeed which sees the pair combine their styles with fantastic results.
3000 Digital
Following the fantastic support and success we saw with the first edition, we are absolutely thrilled to be bringing you ‘Digitalization 2.0′, the second volume of our newly formed compilation series. Here at The 3000 Network, our primary aim is to showcase the best in new bass music, be that from the established order or from high energy newcomers. If it bangs, we are there to support it!
Today we are back in action with Ryuken yet again with another storming guest mix, exclusive to the 3000 Bass SoundCloud page. Having worked closely with the team at Bingo Bass in recent months, when we saw this selection land in the inbox it was a no brainer that we simply had to get involved.
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With bass music constantly expanding and evolving substantially as a genre, sometimes it’s fun to go back to the old school, which is exactly what we do here with this brand new bag of heat from Dynascope, a Zurich based producer who has been ticking all the right boxes with his vibrant, gnarly production stylings.
At 3000 Bass, we are always looking to bring together fresh EP’s and releases of all kinds to satisfy the eardrums of you, our loyal listeners. Today we believe we have unearthed another gem as we present to you this potent new two track creation from Lennard Ellis, an Italian producer whose unique sound structure and high energy rhythms have been gaining him quite the reputation.
We have had a lot of fun since starting up by building and designing a selection of new series’s that are able to capture and encapsulate the UK bass scene that we are so proud to represent. We have had some fantastic quickfire interviews, premieres and Charted releases in the past, all helping us build towards the fantastic platform we have now.
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So we are back at it again on 3000 Deep as we get down with a brand new, vibrant two track project from none other than the Dirty Brothers. As a team, they have gained quite the reputation for pulsating original creations, and this latest offering doesn’t break the trend in the slightest.
Following on from a heatwave, we intend to keep the levels scorching heat extremely high as we bring forward this latest offering from Kyle George, a producer we have been keeping tabs on for a hot minute. With an exciting production style, laying this one onto the 3000 Bass platform was somewhat of a no brainer at our end.
For the latest edition of our 3000 Bass Exclusive Mix Series we are heading up to Newcastle, as we welcome in the futuristic bassy badness of Baxxter, a DJ we have been keeping a serious eye on over the past few months.
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It’s time to get seriously dark and grizzly here as we move into our latest 3000 Bass offering, today coming to us courtesy of MODA, a producer duo who’s unique sound design and energetic compositional structure has started to catch the attention of the bass scene and obviously us here at The 3000 Network.
We are back again today to bring you more brand spanking new bass music, fresh off the shelf from K9, a producer who’s raucous blend between EDM themes and explosive Bassline rhythms has been gaining him quite the reputation.
Some of our avid followers will know that we have just featured a fantastic 2 tracker from up and comer Benjamin Bogart which incorporated deep and bass elements flawlessly, so we thought it would only be right if were to ask him back to step up next in our exclusive mix series and we are certainly glad we did!
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For quite some time now, we have been seriously admiring the work that Barely Royal has been putting into the scene, with a stack of  extremely well received releases at his side and a constantly evolving production style, we have no doubts that he sits currently among the upper echelons of UK bass producers. 
As the 3000 Network continues to grow and encapsulate different styles and genres of dance music, we are very keen to continue to promote underground bass and house music as much as possible. This is why we are so excited to be presenting you all with this brand new two track selection from Benjamin Bogart, an exciting up and coming producer from Nijmegen, Netherlands.
1Fortys genre-specific cycle welcome’s its latest boundary pushing release – 1FBSS002.
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Another very talented producer that you may not have heard of before is Latvian born SLNCE