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For quite some time now, we have been seriously admiring the work that Barely Royal has been putting into the scene, with a stack of  extremely well received releases at his side and a constantly evolving production style, we have no doubts that he sits currently among the upper echelons of UK bass producers. 
To help understand Nekst’s latest involvement in the Digitalization 1.0 compilation, we have asked him to get involved with the site and set out his official top 10 current tracks to spin, showcasing the wide range of influences that he folds into his tracks.
As far as labels within this fantastic bass scene go, there aren’t many who have pushing the boundaries and shaping the sound of the scene as much as Saucy Records in recent times. The label operates with a number of regularly featured artists, including the likes of Pelikann, Taim, Affiliate and a load of other super original producers. 
It’s been a very exciting start to the year for DJ Zinc’s Bingo imprint, having brought in singles from the likes Rico Tubbs, Wittyboy, Shapes and the main man Zinc himself over the course of the last six weeks. The levels are clearly being maintained to the highest degree.
Bass music in the UK is arguably at it’s highest point ever, with festival bookings for bass artists currently hitting record heights and line ups around the country becoming more and more bass ready. This is due to a level of consistency that the higher ranked platforms and outlets are being able to hit more than anything, with the levels of creativity and quality rising at every turn. 
As a label project, there really are few who have contributed as much to the UK’s thriving bass music scene than the legendary Four40, who continue to surge forward moving towards 2019, pushing out solid release after release. 2019 has seen them move into some new territories, but this brand new remix from Barely Royal drops us right into the centre of a UK bass blast off.