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What a time we have upon us for UK music, with the explosion of UKG, the resurgence of dubstep, the worldwide expansions of bass and grime, and of course, the fantastic new delvings into the realms of UK Funky, spearheaded by some of the most exciting producers the UK has seen in quite some time. 
It’s no secret at all that we are absolutely massive fans of the Articulate Sound movement, a label founded in 2015 with an incentive to deliver creative, original bass music, often bridging the blurred gap between bassline and UK funky, two cousin genres that were estranged for quite some time. 
If there is one genre that has made a serious impact on UK underground music through it’s revival in 2018 it has to be UK Funky, which through a combination of inclusions from top selectors and an internal need for more rhythmic influences within the scene has become a major influence across multiple underground genres.
There is always a bit of a buzz towards the beginning of the year within our ever expanding bass culture, with the Christmas break working as both a pallet recharger and musical inspirer, kicking the year off with a flurry of vibrant creations following the expansive range of end of year giveaways.